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FableCraft Productions is a cinematic road to envision your storytelling to the audience. We are a fully integrated production company that bridges the gap between storytellers and the audience by executing professional services right from creating, producing, distributing, licensing and marketing. We profoundly believe in managing and organizing production adapting positive psychology.

About us

You have your story to tell. Your voice deserves the best pay-off. 

We will help you deliver it in its best visual form.

Founded in 2014, FableCraft Motion Picture Production Company started with film productions in India and now pro-actively working in world’s leading entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California.

Growing emotion of togetherness, we start finding our path. Our Destiny. Our Calling. Our Story! FableCraft Motion Pictures will serve you package, pitch, produce and distribute your ideas for television (scripted and unscripted), movies and short-films.

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What we offer?

We Render Professional Services Throughout Your Film’s Process & Deliver Smart, Captivating Product.

Film Proposal & Development

Pre-Production, Casting & Strategic Planning

Film Production & Execution

Film Editing, Grading & VFX

Post Production Sound & Music

Visual Promotion, Distribution & Marketing

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