Invisible Identity : While Interviewing Psychiatrist Dr. Debraj

Invisible Identity

Invisible Identity - FableCraft Productions

Before heading towards this man who was invisible, let me introduce this narrator I was interviewing.

Narrator Dr. Debraj, witnessed one amazing case when he was practicing psychotherapy. He says, “An invisible man use to attend my sessions. He has been my patient since last 2 years. After consulting him, I noted that he use to stalk a man, Dr. Swaminathan for 5 years. Especially during night time at the bar.”

Dr. Debraj asks him about that very day when he stopped stalking Dr.Swaminathan. What was the reason? He made all the facts, notes as the invisible man started speaking about it.

“It has been 5 years now. And yes, I totally admit that I use to follow each action by Dr.Swaminathan at the bar. 2 years ago, his wife divorced him also took his daughter with her. I guess It was his behavior which resulted in all this. I always noticed him. He always entered the bar with anger. Any other individual sitting on his special bar desk made him furious. Never ordered anything there. He use to bring a notebook. A new one each month. There he use to scribble down something, I presumed he was writing only one sentence on each line and on that every notebook, Cause once I tried to peep what he was writing but failed.”

“But that very night was different than usual, He was not on time that night, There was a smile on his face, He was not furious on the guys sitting on his special bar desk. He ordered a drink this time. He took 24 notebooks from his bag pack and kept on the desk. He wasn’t writing that night. It was like he finished writing. All this surprised me a lot on an extreme level. I was curious to see what he was writing all these years on those notebooks. I went near him and took one of his book which wrote –

 I’ll Break The Guinness World Record for writing only one sentence in number of copies”

“Dr.Swaminathan made it. He made it to the Guinness World Record. I stopped following him. I learned from him. I had my conclusions. If you do things which are so much abnormal, even society denies you. If you believe in your work you should continue it without worrying about them. Just like Einstein, Newton, Archimedes denied by society first and are worshiped by the world now.”

Dr. Debraj noted all these and felt really motivated like never before.

“A final query to ask,  Why you wanted my appointments, my sessions so badly?”

That invisible man never answered that query asked by Dr.Debraj that day and never returned back to his clinic. Instead he visited my place as I interviewed Dr.Debraj about case of Invisible Man.

I was surprised to see invisible man (If You guys know what I mean)

He Handed me 24 notebooks and a Certificate of Guinness World Record and said “Dr. Debraj is suffering from a disorder of Identity Crisis.”

Certificate & Books were all Under a Name : Dr.Debraj Swaminathan

Author: Shubham Sanjay Shevade

(Director/Producer @FableCraft Productions)

Shubham Shevade

Shubham Shevade

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