That Girl who Loves SRK

That Girl who Loves SRK

Zoya. She’s my Crush. Never had guts to tell her what’s deep inside this Centrefold mind. I know nothing about her. That ability which qualified her to be my crush were her looks and yes she was in a good shape. Believe me I’m not creepy, I just simply have this membership of British Council Library where I go to read the books. I met her there. Let’s say I saw her there. My observations were based on her readings. What book she read and how much time did she spent on reading that particular book. This was the last time I was seeing her in the library. What was the special thing that I knew about her? She’s that girl who Loves SRK and had an ultimate obsession with the books incorporated with his content.

That Girl Who Loves SRK - FableCraft Productions
That Girl Who Loves SRK – FableCraft Productions

Once she issued a book and then I stalked the library register where I got her name. Look at me, Now I know many little things about her. “You are one Creepy Sherlock”  says my second mind. What do you think? Anyway, the moment when she left the library, I dreamt a filmy bollywood sequence of me, singing & dancing with Zoya. The public and the co-dancers were surrounded by us. I was one from the KHAN’s, may be Saif Ali, singing and dancing with Sonali Kulkarni on “Woh Ladki Hai Kaha” from Dil Chahta hai. But Still I wasn’t SRK. “What it takes to be SRK?” I googled. I wanted those qualities which she thinks they have in SRK. Romance? It will be my non-elective subject if it was in academics. What Should I do? Any Sugesstions? One of you Sugessted me to write this story on a blog. So that she could read and start finding its author. I hope she finds this romantic.

Are you Zoya? or any random girl who loves SRK? or just another “Creepy Sherlock” as I’m? Help me find her. 

Author: Shubham Sanjay Shevade 

Shubham Shevade

Writer, Storyteller, Film Director

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