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” Bachpan is about a Child Labour and the challenges that he has to face in his day to day life.
The movie begins with him walking through different locations as a part of his daily commute.( the locations being a School, a playground  , footpath,  garden , entertainment zone for kids etc.) This has been an effort to show that a child of his age who should be a part of these experiences, unlike other children , can only see them and not be a part of it as he is compelled to earn his livelihood .
Further he meets different kinds of people while selling his products . Some receive him well, some don’t  while some taunt at his condition . His happiness as a ‘child’ is hampered due to child labour . He experiences the ‘joy of being a child’ rarely or none at all. He has no human identity ,no protection, no rights as a child and is named ‘Gutkha’ due to his profession. The name here (gutkha ) has been specifically taken as a metaphor to compare the harsh reality of this child’s life to that of a cancer causing substance ‘Gutkha’. “ – Synopsis by Tuhinkumar Chakraborty

BACHPAN : Short Film on Child's Right to Education - FableCraft Productions

Written and Directed by : Tuhinkumar Chakraborty

Produced by : Shubham Sanjay Shevade

Director of Photography : Raj Gandhi

Editing and Sound : Sanman Bayani

Cast : Atharva Bonde ,Bhushan Dambare, Rahul Dhande, Tuhinkumar Chakraborty, Ajay Khemchandani ,Akash Mhetre,Viral Patel ,Bhavesh More

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Shubham Shevade

Writer, Storyteller, Film Director

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