Birds and Lens : My Impressions on Bird Watching

Birds and Lens is my second photo story after the Curious Case of Cats . Obviously now this is about Bird Watching. 

Have patience to sit at a spot all day long? Waiting for that very moment to capture? Try Bird Watching Instead.

Birds and Lens – My Impressions on Bird Watching


To start off with, I introduce you to the House Sparrow. I guess there’s no need for any introduction as its quite a common bird. Also we all are aware of their actions, which are expeditious. The most challenging thing  was to climb the compound wall and get this shot.

House Sparrow Birds and Lens
House Sparrow


Even Birds could be shy at times, Indian Grey Hornbill, generally found in group of 4 and 5. I was surprised to see him alone. Well, my camera was lucky to catch him.

Indian Grey Hornbill Birds and Lens
Indian Grey Hornbill


Having heard about 3 friends in most of the stories in Bollywood, It may be Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and many more. But most of all, I call this Picture as “3 idiots”  . These are Indian Parakeets. 

Indian Parakeets Birds and Lens
Indian Parakeets


Common Bird, Quickest of all, Purple Rumped Sunbird. Found in groups and in various colors but here I got them separately, Male and a Female. Yes, Bird Watching itself taught me to figure out that difference.


Let’s Move on to this intriguing memory which makes me nostalgic each day. It was a rainy and misty weather at the time. That heavenly Petrichor made me to grab my camera and go out for photography. There I found a group of  Oriental Magpie Robins which made my day.

Oriental Magpie Robin Birds and Lens
Oriental Magpie Robin


I can do this my whole Lifetime. I love Bird Watching, especially when you get a beautiful response from the Nature.

Photography by: Raj Gandhi

Raj Gandhi

( DoP @ FableCraft Productions )


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