Relating Social Media with Film Industry

Relating Social Media with Film Industry

Social Media, Well, I define it as the “New Masti Kattas” of Youngsters.

All Trending Things, “The #tags” we can all get it on a one stop spot of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Hike, Insta & Many more. Making it an ultimate platform for promoting films & yes it has become a new trend to promote your films on social media.

Relating Social Media with Film Industry - FableCraft Productions

A facebook page promotion of your film, Spending some minor penny on “Boosting a post” is the new sexy in film marketing. A YouTube Filming also has evolve as a Wider Trend in India, So as the “Web Series”. All this giving a rapid growth in Digital Marketing, targeting specific audience for the films too.

This was just about promoting a film through social media. Let’s relate things wisely now! We know when a particular film is released we rely on one special cup of tea known as  “Movie Reviews”

Critics give their strong reviews about the film on social media. Even they tell whether to book the tickets or to just download it from torrent else wait for the television premiere. Also they talk about acting, direction, screenplay attracting us to the burst their box office!

Relating Social Media with Film Industry - FableCraft Productions

Films Promos are released on YouTube which attracts half of us to book a seat telling your buddy “Bhai Iska First Day First Show Dekhne Jana Hai”

Tweets of those stardom actors, directors gives the ultimate Twitting Experience “The Followers”, “The Retweets” & Yes! How Can we miss “The Twitter Wars” which makes the topic so controversial that we tend to watch it anyway.

Ever Tried The Dubsmash App? It Let’s You to Act on some famous dialogs which is bit a part of promotion too.

Hike Stickers are just the little cherry on the big cake of Film Marketing.

Damn! It’s an overload! Even Writing this article makes me intend to social media! Dafaq!

Author: Bhushan Dambare

Relating Social Media with Film Industry - FableCraft Productions







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