Fallacious Side of Indian Cinema

Fallacious Side of Indian Cinema or Let’s Typically Say 10 Things Wrong with the Indian Cinema

Bollywood is the face of Indian Cinema, so all the points listed below refer to the Sunehri Duniya of the Bambai Nagariya (The Golden World of the Mumbai area).

  • Original Content

    Not only story, but also other departments like cinematography, narration, art, music, aesthetics, etc. lack originality most of the times. They are directly lifted or as they say ‘inspired’ from cinemas all over the world. Hollywood and Korean cinema have a much larger influence on Indian Cinema. This strategy is also acceptable if they are able to recreate and enhance it according to Indian taste. But if you watch the original films (of course with subtitles) they will at once sweep you off your feet, which Indian films don’t. Korean curry Pandharpuri patravalit kashi vadhta yenar???
    Fallacious Side of Indian Cinema
    Here is the list of 280 bollywood films inspired from Hollywood : http://www.realityviews.in/2012/10/list-of-280-bollywood-hindi-movies.html

  • Repetition

    This follows when you don’t have original content. If one film becomes successful, the same content spreads like an epidemic for some years. Indians films have the larger than life heroes and over the top melodramas. This has been the trend for the last fifty years approximately. Every other film that comes out has the same theme and basic story line, only the characters and the setting changes. The hero stalks the heroin and woos her and in the meantime he discovers a wicked villain to deal with. Going by the statistics since the past fifty years, there should be no prize in guessing who wins the game finally. The same recipe is served again and again endlessly. Aren’t people fed up of watching the same crap in every new film?Fallacious Side of Indian Cinema

  • Dominant Hero Personality

    There are no protagonists and antagonists in Indian Cinema, only heroes and villains. The hero most of the time overpowers the story line. This is a direct blow to the backbone of cinema. The same gimmicks happen in every film of a certain actor. It becomes easily predictable what he will do in a certain situation. This phenomenon is widely prevalent thanks to a crazy fan following the heroes enjoy. But according to me this is sheer atyachaar to deprive them of good cinema leading to misuse of their innocent love for them.Fallacious Side of Indian Cinema

  • Role of Actresses

    Actresses most of the time are used only as props to cater to the lust of the second most populated country in the world. What is the need to have an item song in every film that is made? Take an example for this, while referring to an actor’s role in a film, he is described as a soldier, policeman, businessman, sports player, etc. While most of the times actresses are only referred to as the hero’s love interest. In this 21st century Indian women are at the forefront in each and every field, but this hasn’t changed Bollywood’s perspective toward them. Excuse me if I am sounding a bit feminist here, but that’s the fact. Bollywood (more applying to Tollywood) just can’t get over this Abla Naree image of women.


  • Loud & Exaggerated Music

    The background music at the start of a scene reveals everything that is going to happen in that scene, acting as a spoiler. Background music should be in the background to support the story, but most of the times it isn’t. Ideally background music should be used just to enhance the mood of the scene and it should not draw special attention towards itself. Also not much attention is given to Foley in India. More importance should be given to the use of natural sounds that occur in the film. Music just overpowers. Such films are so difficult to watch especially in a theatre where you cannot control the volume. Not all babes like that extra bass dear!
    Fallacious Side of Indian Cinema

  • Unwanted Songs

    Indian films are recognized for their song and dance sequences. This doesn’t mean you should throw in a song every half an hour of the film. Moreover songs now a days are sung by non-singers and are then auto-tuned, which indeed limits the real experience. Many a time, the actor, the actress and the numerous back dancers are just lip syncing to the songs and they dance in a very coordinated manner, even if the story doesn’t demand it. It just distracts the audience from the story. Some intelligent filmmakers use songs in a way that helps to take the story forward. Some songs aren’t so music to ears dude!

  • Cinematography

    Cinematography just lacks depth in India. It has absolutely no role in terms storytelling in India. The lighting is mostly flat or neutral. The camera angles are just shabby and lack the required poignancy. The blocking of scenes is very immature. The concept of mise-en-scene is unknown to Indian cinema. The film’s visual appeal and aesthetics do matter in giving a pleasant experience for the audience. The word Cinema itself is derived from the word camera, and I believe that camera is the soul of a film.

  • Art Direction

    Everything that you see in a frame except the actors constitute the art direction. This department is given the least importance in Indian films. The concept of art direction is just limited to a flower vase on a table. Forget about it’s contribution in terms of the script. I doubt if it’s even being thought of during the screenplay writing stage. The art direction should be such that it should create a much gripping world required for the story so that the viewer gets lost in that world. This indeed is an invisible art, literally in Indian Cinema!

  • Intelligence

    Indian Cinema has taken it for granted that the audience has no brains. They want to mouth feed everything in terms of story. Also the criteria story is such that it should not compel the audience to think. The very problem lies in the intention behind making films in India. People watch films just for refreshment, which too isn’t the issue here. After a week’s hard work and stress of doing a job that they don’t like, it is obvious that they crave for some lighthearted entertainment to temporarily forget their mediocre existence. In short they want to overcome the grudge and monotony of their daily lives through cinema. This doesn’t mean they should make a no-brainer cinema. A film, which is dark yet gripping, enthralling which keeps you on the edge of your seat, too can be as entertaining as well. We are not the audience with something written on our foreheads!

Fallacious Side of Indian Cinema

  • Courage

    Finally, everything sums up to one point – Indian Cinema lacks courage. They just don’t want to experiment new genres, abstract story lines, unconventional plots, different worlds, or venture out on new techniques of presentation, or be bold enough to step out from their ‘tried-and-tested formula’. Indian filmmakers hardly ever raise the bar, which they have set for themselves.

It is high time , India should graduate to the next level in cinema and take a rather mature approach towards film making and loose this fallacious side of it.


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